The Purpose of KAPU

The purpose of KAPU is to serve as a multipurpose vehicle for Azusa Pacific University (APU). This vehicle will be used in the following ways:

  • To teach students how to operate and manage a radio station
  • To allow the students, faculty, and staff to positively impact its audience with Christian values through quality programming.


The KAPU Mission Statement

In all that we do, KAPU exists so that the day to day operations of KAPU would adhere to the highest possible professional standards, that we would grow to be a model station for other college stations to follow, and that KAPU would have a substantial affirming impact and influence upon those who serve on the KAPU staff and upon those who listen.



KAPU Radio is owned by Azusa Pacific University and as such, is subject to all its policies.  KAPU operates under the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences within the Department of Communication Studies.  Administration of KAPU is primarily the responsibility of students employed by the university.  A single faculty Adviser supervises students.  The Faculty Adviser reports directly to both the Chair of the Communication Studies department and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences on matters related to the station.


Faculty and Staff List

  • Faculty Adviser- Brooke Van Dam
  • General Manager- Elisha Fields
  • Sports Director- Stephen “Toph” Buzzard


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