Discovery Episode 2: Same Old, Same Old (A Preview)

| October 13, 2014

If you did not already know, KAPU has been working hard to produce very exciting original content, and tonight you will be able to have another taste of what we have to offer.

The second episode of “Discovery” airs tonight. We’re calling this episode, “Same Old, Same Old.” The Discovery team explores routine, what makes a routine, the beauty of routine, and the feigned sense of security routine brings. Tonight’s episode features guests from around the world, and incredible stories and thoughts on the routines we all might have in our lives.

You’ll hear from a Catholic turned Buddhist, an Anglican Priest, and an old man who find routine in photography. Tonight’s episode also features a meditative piece on routine, as well as a dramatic reading of an Op Ed piece on the control routines seem to give us.

Tonight’s stories are special, so do not miss this! Tune in at 7pm for Episode 2 of Discovery!

Print – Special thanks to Bianca Ontiveros, Camille Endacott, and Tyler Hill.

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