“EM in the PM”: A Healthy Dose Of Magic

| October 17, 2013

On Thursday evenings, KAPU transverses the airwaves with a special kind of radio magic. This intoxicating magic will overwhelm senses and permeate the soul in a fantastic explosion of epic proportions. What does this magic consist of? You will have to ask Emily Mirrilees, the host of “EM in the PM” for the answer. Maybe its her perfect blend of relevant dance-provoking music, or her compelling conversation that keeps even the most stoic listeners on the edge of their seats. Perhaps its the hot eligible bachelors she interviews and profiles for the benefit of all those rambunctious APU ladies out there. Whatever it may be, Emily delivers week after week one of the most dynamic radio shows KAPU has ever seen. Every Thursday from 7-8, catch “EM in the PM” to get magic fix for the week. Emily in the studio

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